About CUZ

 1. Brief Introduction
    CUZ (City University of Zhengzhou) is a private higher vocational college officially approved by Henan Province and registered with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. The college carries out three-year full-time vocational education.  Enrolled students will be granted graduation diploma issued by the Ministry of Education upon graduation.
   Covering an area of 29.3 hectares, an construction area of 207,000 square meters, the college has enrolled over 2300 students up to now and sets up eight departments: architecture engineering, economics and management, electromechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer engineering, foreign languages, physical education and music performance, and social science. There are 23 specialties now.    
    The college is on its way to acquire another 65 hectares of land and plans to invest another 350 million Yuan in updating and improving the teaching facilities and equipments, in a bid to grow into a higher-education institution with international characteristics complying with the educational development plan of our government. 
2. Features
Development orientation
    The college is in a position to comply with the economic development of Henan province as well as Zhengzhou City, specialized in “enhanced social service and optimized education structure”. Through optimizing of academic structure, enhancing urban planning and construction, resource utilization and green technology, city transportation and management, community service and management as well as households service, the college will turn into a higher-education institution engaged in cultivating the talents specialized in city planning and management, providing the talent pool for the “Central Plain Economic Zone” and “Central Plain City Cluster”.

1. Integrating educational resources
    Founded by Dr. Shaw Chen, the chairman of Sias International University, the college is in a good position in enjoying and sharing educational resources and information provided by Sias. By the introduction of advanced foreign education mode and philosophies on cultivating talents in urban planning and construction, the university intends to be a modern school with international style. Cooperated with the renowned business entities home and abroad, the university intends to construct school-running business, factories, workshop and the experimental teaching bases integrating producing, teaching and research.
2. Mingling of Chinese and Western culture
    Numerous campus activities like the school opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, homecoming days, book reading, candle-light evening party, international cultural festival, and Christmas party, the exchange program with other higher-education institutions and social delegations, as well as lectures delivered by celebs, would broaden the views of the students, make them informed of both the Chinese and Western cultures, and get them ready for the needs of economic globalization.
3. Student-oriented
    “Students-first, all- for –students and students – being- all” is the principle we have set up. As well as concerning on the whole, school never ignores elites. Graduates not only adapt to social reality, but also to sustainable development in the future. Each class is assigned one tutor, whose job is to guide the students in their professional study, help them to decide on their career path and explore their potentials, thorough communicating with each student and assigning the paper work each month to train students’ ability in academic research, knowledge exploration and thinking and analyzing independently. Tutors carry on the Four-One Project that means to hold one class-meeting, one seminar, to correct one paper for each student and participate in one student’s activity each month. The communication platform has been in place to enhance the communication between the school and students. The students are eligible for the positions set for self-management and school-management, and they can participate in school union activities, hands-on experiments, creative activities, working while studying programs and international exchange activities. The college will arrange students to sit for the exams to pursue further learning, English tests, computer skill tests and other qualification tests.
4、Enhancing general education
    The orientation of our college is to highlight “urban” features, focus on the hands-on abilities, enhance general education, and look into the future development, in a bid to turn the students into the talents with global citizenship and perspective, pursuing the common goal of human beings and shouldering the responsibilities of our nation and the world.
Training objectives
1. With Latest knowledge
    The college is aimed to equip the students with practical skills in wider fields, specialized engineering design ability, and the latest hands-on ability under the requirement of modern cities and enterprises, highlighting the target of using advanced technology and training of talents technicians. Combined with enterprises as well as leading the development of enterprises, the theoretical courses system complies with needs of the urbanization drive and the upgrading of the modern businesses by subliming modern industry research and the process of production to a process of teaching and education.
2. With excellent skills
    The courses is designed to train the career ability needed in the real job positions in the form of the experiment, internship,  hands-on operation, course design, graduation design, innovative creation and social experiences. The hands-on ability will be emphasized in the intern bases and the hands-on operation bases, the experiment labs. The school-and-enterprises-running training bases have been in place in Xinmi, Zhengzhou and Shanghai. The qualified teachers with field operation skills as well as technicians will instruct and train students in a hands-on operations to make students skillful proficient.
3. With skillful command of English
The college is equipped with qualified Chinese and foreign faculty, and advanced language teaching facilities to enhance the foreign language acquisition and teaching. The good command of foreign language listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities of students will sharpen their competitive edge in the economic globalization.
4. With broaden view 
    General education is advocated by the college, and is aimed to deliver the fundamentals of languages, history, culture and science, to shape their personality, increase their awareness as the world citizens, and enhance their social responsibilities. The college will focus on urban construction and project management, by setting up science, language, administration, economics, music and fine arts to integrate the natural science, liberal arts and engineering together to achieve harmonious development. Numerous seminars and academic lectures delivered by famous professors will be an inspiration to broaden the view and enhance the refinement. Tutors will give students instruction individually in their life and study in line with students’ professional needs to ensure their healthy development.


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